Pleasure Practice: Body Connections

Join a 4-week group coaching community dedicated to pleasure, sexuality, sensuality, and body exploration practices.

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Pleasure Practice: Connect with your body, mind, & pleasure with Yael R. Rosestock Gonzalez Creator, Sex Positive You

Quick & Dirty Deets

Group Intentions

> Claim your sensuality and sexuality
> Increase Daily Pleasures
> Increase Sexual Pleasures
> Increase connection to your body
> Improve relationship with self

What's Included?

> 12 journal & discussion prompts
> Short activities & worksheets
> Community space
> 2 live Q&A calls
> 2 live community workshops
> Resources for further exploration (materials available until October 1st)

Cost (Sliding Scale)

> Abundance: $149 (30% will be used for partial scholarships)
> Supporting: $99
> Welcomed: $59

Explanations of different price points available on form

When Do We Meet?

Four session times will be announced during the next launch!
(& in discussion posts)
*Workshops & calls will be recorded and shared ONLY within our group coaching community for those who are not able to make these times

About the Creator, Yael R Rosenstock Gonzalez

I'm a pleasure activist (term popularized by adrienne maree brown) who centers identity and social positioning work, values self-exploration, and promotes intentional practice as a vehicle for desired shifts.

I support clients in finding pleasurable, joyful, and positive experiences with self and sex. I can do this because I've been on this journey, too (but if you want more resume type info, click here).

I know I deserve pleasure. I know that I'm a badass and deserving of amazing things. I know I am sexy AF. However, I didn't always know these things and I sometimes forget and need reminders. That's why I developed pleasure practices: body connections. These are practices I've engaged in over the years that support my self-love and my ability to experience sexual pleasure.

Why Pleasure Practices?

This community space is here to hold you, see you, and support you.

It can be easy to get into our heads and focus on specific goals or what we think we’re supposed to be doing or how we are supposed to be feeling about ourselves. We can get lost in the idea of doing something right, whether that’s sex, sexiness, gender performances, orgasms, or even self-love.

There’s a lot of coaching and social media pages dedicated to themes of being our best selves, loving our bodies, and seemingly offering the magic recipe to feeling fulfilled and happy.

Sometimes these messages can feel distracting at best and play into toxic positivity at worst. If it were as simple as thinking more positively or saying today I’ll orgasm A LOT, people would already be doing that. Don’t get me wrong, I have my own activities based in mental shifts for promoting healthy relationships with self. However, I think this needs to be paired with digging deep, self-acceptance/grace, and developing regular practices (which can be hard to do via reading posts).

I am inviting you into this space to share my techniques for helping orgasms, self-love, and sensuality, arrive with more ease.

We are going to work on building new relationships with ourselves in different ways so that when we think of our goals, expectations and desires, they become motivators instead of judge-y walls to jump.

And why in a group setting?

While one-on-one coaching is beautiful, I value community spaces where all voices present can offer the gift of their expertise. Pleasure Practice: Body Connections is one of those spaces.

Who is this for? (Short & Sweet Version)

People seeking

❤ unashamed involvement in pleasurable acts (masturbation, partnered sex, delicious food, rest, etc)

❤ freedom to name, for yourself and others, what you want and need for a pleasure-full life

❤ radical self love


❤ This space is open to all but will likely feel most comfortable for women and femme folx. If you are masc of center, agender, nonbinary, and/or androgynous, I encourage you to email me at [email protected] or make a note while signing up so I can reach out to make sure this experience will feel good for you.

❤ While my clients and community have been of varying body types, races, and genders, I recognize that my privileged petite body size, being white/white-passing, and cisgender identity influence my life experiences (among other identities). I encourage you to reach out if you want to gauge whether this space will feel supportive for you. Again, this can be through emailing me at [email protected] or within the signup form.

Who is this for/not for? (Longer Version)

This is for people who see this shared community space as an opportunity to begin practices that will serve you. This is for people who want to be kind to themselves as they discover new things and explore new territory. This is for people who will (or want to) have grace for themselves on the days where nothing goes right or they simply don’t feel good about themselves.

This is not for people who are hoping for a cure/easy answer. This is not for people who think there is a magic formula for healing or pleasure. This is not for people who expect that a specific singular sexual technique will solve their problems nor for people who think they can shame themselves, or others, into growth.


Yael is exceptionally knowledgeable about sex, relationships, and everything in between. She delivers the information in an engaging, accessible, and equitable way. Whether you are looking to start your journey towards sexual realization or enhance it, Yael's workshops are a must.
CR, Workshop Attendee

As a woman with vaginismus, I often feel discouraged from sex-ed spaces or embarrassed to speak up on behalf of women who are sexual but cannot necessarily have penetrative sex. Though her intersectional educational approach, Yael has helped me engage in sexuality in a way that empowers me and gives me the tools to eventually practice penetration in an enjoyable way

Yael is extremely understanding and patient. She listens to each and every question, asks for clarification, and makes sure you feel heard. I've never felt judged when speaking with her about sex and sexuality!
Marina Nebro, 26

This was my first coaching session on this topic and I really enjoyed it. Yael organized the topics really well (everything got covered and there was an awful lot!) and created a fun and safe discussion environment. She even showed positions and used anatomical representations for me to better understand. The best part though was how comfortable she made me feel while talking about topics I sometimes find taboo/embarrassing.
Vicky, 34

Me and my partner both found the advice given very helpful and very beneficial to our sex lives. I highly recommend Yael as she is very understanding and works with you to find solutions or possible improvements.
Ari, 20 NB (Non-Binary)

Yael helped me identify stigmas I hold around my own sexuality identities and recognize their sources. She also gave me actionable suggestions for how to confront these stigmas and feel more comfortable with my own pleasure and desires. I think the most valuable part of the whole coaching session though was that she gave me space to celebrate the progress I've already made in my sexual liberation journey. I think it's often easy to focus on what we're lacking and difficult to celebrate what we've already achieved, but Yael helped me with both!
Sarah, 26

Still not sure? Email me at [email protected] with your questions!

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